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Elevating Maritime Crew Skills with MMI

Embarking on a journey of improvement, we've partnered with the Maritime Management Institute (MMI) to refine our crew's expertise. Through targeted courses covering safety, security, PDOT, MLC 2006, and Maritime English, we're committed to raising the bar for maritime

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Company overview

Royal Pole Star Services Co.,Ltd (RPS) was legally founded as a registered manpower recruitment agency in 2004 by a group of experts who had long years of experience in construction work and recruiting skill workers for several major construction project both in Singapore, Malaysia and in Middle Eastern countries. Through these experiences, we have realized the importance of...

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Business Venture

  • In the coming future, we organize a team to be MOU profress with technical and crew management excellent service to our clients.
  • For the above matter, our technical team would be train and educate to all of our crew to be MOU Efficient & proficiency in their life carrier to service with high quality onboard ship.
  • Our SRPS is well organized with a team of mariners with great experience in the manning operation who understand the responsibility and the need to manage the crew for having prolong relationship with our clients.

A Streamlined Recruitment Journey

Stand out with a personalized resume that highlights your skills and experiences. Stand out with a personalized resume that highlights your skills and experiences. Stand out with a personalized resume that highlights your skills and experiences.

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Recruitment Procedure

Client order
RPS Screening
Medical examination
Client Approval
Paper-test & Pretest
Orientation and extra training
tation Visa & Ticketing

1. Client order

Client's order initiates RPS screening mechanism.

2. RPS Screening

Each applicant undergoes a medical examination.

3. Medical examination

The fit and strong applicants will then be interviewed.

4. Interview

The paper test and pre-test (practice) await those who passed step 3. To end the screening mechanism, the successful.

5. Paper-text & Pretest

Orientation and extra workshop training will then.

6. Client approval

Applicants need the final approval of the client to be conducted.

7. Orientation and extra training

After orientation and training, it's time for the preparation of travel documents and visa processing. Client order.

8. Documentation Visa & Ticketing

Visa approval leads to the acquisition of air tickets.

9. Embarkation

Now ready to depart, the workers embark for the employer's country.